ScanTech Marine Services

Offers a wide range of services within the marine and offshore industry.

We offer superintendent and service engineers for troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, of marine, power plants and offshore equipment.

We are mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical and offers advanced and specialized service on:

MAN Diesel & Turbo, 2-stroke propulsion engines, ME, ME-B, MC-C

MAN Diesel & Turbo, 4-stroke propulsion engines

MAN Diesel & Turbo, 4-stroke genset engines

A wide range of Gearboxes with clutch and controllable pitch servo

CP-Propellers including, 5 year maintenance, 10 year maintenance,

FIVA valve overhaul and recondition

ELFI valve overhaul and recondition

HPS pump overhaul

Governor and actuators, Woodward and Norcontrol

Engine controls

Alarm, Monitoring and safety systems

Bridge maneuvering systems. Alphatronic and Autom Alpha

Pneumatic systems

Hydraulic systems, Hydrelfa.

Marine Auxiliary systems

Autom Alpha 2, Autom Alpha 3, Alphatronic 1, Alphatronic 2, Alphatronic 2A, AT1A, AT2A,  Kongsberg Norcontrol SSU8800, DGU8810, AC20,  VBS, VB, VSA, amg8, amg11, amg16, amg20, amg28, amg20 ev, amg28 ev, flexstar, compact gear, L21/31, L27/38, T23, L23/30, V23/30, L23/30A, V23/30A, U28, L28/32, V28/32, L28/32A, V28/32A, four-stroke, Alpha Diesel, Alfa Diesel, B&W two-stroke, SaCos One. SaCos. SaCos 1 – ScanTech Propeller Services – ScanTech pre-docking inspections – ScanTech HPS overhaul