ScanTech Marine strengthens operations world-wide with ISO 29001


ScanTech Marine, a Danish company specialized in marine and offshore service and commissioning, has achieved the ISO/TS 29001 certification for its offshore operations worldwide. With a quality management system and technical specifications according to international standards ScanTech Marine fulfill requirements for service companies operating in the marine and offshore industry.

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Photo: (Frederikshavn, Denmark). CEO and managing director at ScanTech Marine, Kristian R. Hansen, and Senior Service Manager, Ivan Lund and Superintendent Steffen Lund is rewarded with the ISO/TS 29001 Certificate handed over by Karl Laursen from Bureau Veritas Certification.


As an extension of an existing ISO 9001 certification the ISO 29001 verification process was carried out by Bureau Veritas in a two-stage assessment. System documentation management was thoroughly evaluated, followed by an onsite audit controlling the company’s compliance with industry requirements and specifications.


“The major oil operators in the gas sector often require their suppliers to meet the requirements in ISO/TS 29001, which pays particular attention to the significant risks associated with the oil- and gasindustry. Both the quality and requirements for safety was something ScanTech Marine had already mastered, so the implementation of the standard went without any bumps in the road “, states Customer Relations Manager, Peter Worck Nielsen, Bureau Veritas Certification.


Because of expanding business engagement in Europe and south East Asia and increased quality standards for service companies and subcontractors in the marine and offshore industry, the ISO 29001 certification strengthens ScanTech Marines already competitive offerings and manifests the companys position as a favored service supplier amongst shipowners and operators within the gassectors.


CEO and managing Director of ScanTech Marine, Kristian R. Hansen, is pleased with ScanTech Marines A+ performance in the certification process which was passed without deviation. “First of all we have demonstrated our commitment to provide quality service and being up front in terms of innovation and organizational persistence. Our entire process life cycle both behind the desk and in the field has been mapped and it shows an effective operation with coherence in management, monitoring and documentation.


In the end, it all comes down to customer satisfaction, and whether it’s our service department, commissioning consultancy or solutions in green technology we can ensure our customers that we always run a tight ship – literally and figuratively. The ISO certification is not just a formality to satisfy customers but an investment in ScanTech Marines development and to ensure that our performance exceed expectations.”


As supplement to the ISO Certification, ScanTech Marine has just joined the global network at the Achilles Community which gathers verified, compliant suppliers and contractors across sectors. Having focus on minimizing project costs and establishing energy efficient management ScanTech Marine is committing to a community based on mutual interests.


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